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My Approach

Strength & Conditioning Coach and Rehab Therapist, focused in soccer. My areas of expertise are workload monitoring and programming; specific-strength training;  injury rehabilitation and ‘return to play’ process (RTP). Passionate for the injury management and rehabilitation process, I have also been developing this work over the last years. In my constant and relentless pursuit to achieve the best readiness of players for competition, I like to work between the gap practice and science, keeping abreast of the last trends in soccer science. 

My Work areas

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Individualized training by player to optimize performance or specific weaknesses. Specialized in soccer.

Rehab Therapist

Specific training for injury rehabilitation and ‘Return to Play’ process.

Sport Scientist

Contextualized analysis of team and individual-player physical performance.

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My Story

Since I was a child, I have fallen a real passion for sport and the values it represents. Being already aware of I wanted to make it my profession, over the years I found my desired lifestyle in soccer. Therefore, I began my university studies in Sports Science and from the first years I felt a strong interest for improving the physical performance of the players, leading me to increase my interest about this particular matter. I graduated from bachelor’s degree at University of Granada in 2013 and since then I have been working hard to keep gaining a more in-depth knowledge; studying the MSc of Strength & Conditioning at the University of Granada in 2015, MPhill of Research in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences at the University of Malaga in 2017 and MSc of High Performance in Team Sports at the University of Barcelona during 2015 and 2017, obtaining the qualification of ‘Special Mention’. Obsessed with optimizing the players’ training process to peak performance in competition, within the complex context of constant change and uncertainty that soccer represents, I wanted to go further and undertake my PhD studies based on the contextualized analysis of high-level soccer players’ physical performance monitored through GPS devices from 2018 to 2021, obtaining the qualification of ‘Cum Laude’.

However, my main occupation and from where my passion lies in is working ‘on the field’. Over all these years of academic training, I have also worked as S&C Coach and/or Rehab Therapist for several soccer clubs from Spain and China as well as for individual professional athletes. Nonetheless, in my incessant pursuit of practical application to science, the study and analyses of physical performance along with sharing and disseminating knowledge has aroused great interest for me; Therefore, I started to work in the field of performance analysis and teaching; currently working as lecturer for ISSPF (International Soccer Science & Performance Federation), and so I decided to start my Blog.

Berni Guerrero-Calderón

S&C Coach | Rehab Therapist | Sport Scientist

Featured Publications

Scientist Research

  • Guerrero-Calderón B. (2021). The effect of short-term and long-term coronavirus quarantine on physical performance and injury incidence in high-level soccer. Soccer & Society, 22(1-2), 85-95.
  • Guerrero-Calderón B, Klemp M, Castillo-Rodriguez A, Morcillo JA, & Memmert D. (2021). A New Approach for Training-Load Quantification in Elite-Level Soccer: Contextual Factors. International Journal of Sports Medicine, 42(08), 716–723.
  • Guerrero-Calderón B, Owen A, Morcillo JA & Castillo-Rodriguez A. (2021). How does the Mid-season Coach Change affect Physical Performance on Top Soccer Players? Physiology & Behavior, 232 (October 2020), 113328.
  • Guerrero-Calderón B, Klemp M, Morcillo JA & Memmert D. (2021). How does the workload applied during the training week and the contextual factors affect the physical responses of professional soccer players in the match? International Journal of Sport Science & Coaching, 16(4), 994-1003.
  • Guerrero-Calderón B, Morcillo JA, Chena M & Castillo-Rodríguez A. (2022). Comparison of training and match load between metabolic and running speed metrics of professional Spanish soccer players by playing position.  Biology of Sports, 39(4), 933-941.
  • Guerrero-Calderón B, Fradua L, Morcillo JA & Castillo-Rodríguez A. (2022). Analysis of the Competitive Weekly Microcycle in Elite Soccer. Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research, Publish ah (Md).


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Berni Guerrero-Calderón

S&C Coach | Rehab Therapist | Sport Scientist

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