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This website y is oriented to provide and share knowledge about physical performance and injury recovery and ‘Return to Play’ process establishing a link between the practice and science.





S&C Coach to peak performance or injury rehabilitation


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Endurance training in soccer: traditional approach

For a long time, endurance training in soccer was based on improving physiological parameters. This methodology comes from athletics and only aims to improve the cardiorespiratory system, differentiating physical and technical-tactical training. However, soccer has...

Patellar tendinopathy in sport: epidemiology and treatment

Patellar tendinopathy is a very common injury in sports such as cycling, football or basket, although it can also affect sedentary people whose activity requires active participation of the knee joint. The function of patellar tendon serves as a link between the...

The Anterior Cruciate Ligament knee injury in sport: keys for an optimal rehabilitation process

Introduction  The Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) knee tear is very common in contact and pivoting sports such as soccer, basket, handball or ski. It is considered one of the most severe injuries in sport as it usually...

Rehabilitation and RTP process after meniscal repair in sports

Introduction A meniscus is a fibrocartilaginous anatomical structure divided in two parts and placed in the knee-joint cavity between the femur and the tibia. Its main functions are the knee-joint stabilization and reduce the stress by increasing the contact areas...

berni guerrero

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PhD | BSc Sport Sciences | MSc S&C | MSc High-Performance Team Sports | MPhill Research PA & Sports

Falling in love with sport and what it values, I’ve managed to find a job within my vocation, finding my desired lifestyle in soccer. I feel real passion and interest in the conditioning knowledge-area and everything that it encompasses; performance optimization, injury recovery and prevention, and physical performance analysis; in addition to an incessant desire to learn and understand the complexity of soccer’s player physical preparation, which I consider as the peak optimization of players’ fitness within a specific context of continuous interaction and uncertainty. My main goal as Strength & Conditioning Coach is to attain an optimal fitness of the players according to a specific playing style and keep them available to the coach for the competition. Through my academic training and work experience over the years, I’ve managed to attain several skills that qualify me to work as S&C Coach, Rehab Therapist or Sport Scientist.

strength & conditioning coach

Specific and individualized training to peak physical performance.

Rehab Therapist

Specific training aimed to injury recovery or prevention.

Sport Scientist

Analysis of physical performance from different devices: GPS, video-tracking, force platforms, etc.

individualized training

train with me

Sport-specific performance.

Injury rehabilitation and RTP.

Prevention programs.

Online consultation.

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S&C Coach | Rehab Therapist | Sport Scientist

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